The BioPet LifePlan allows pet owners to be proactive about their dog’s health.


Through a simple and interactive questionnaire, our database identifies specific health conditions thus leading to early diagnosis, more effective treatment, and healthcare cost savings.

Each pet/owner receives access to a dashboard that is specific to them. This can be accessed from any digital device.


DNA is procured through a simple, noninvasive cheek swab and from there can provide information to owners and veterinarians.

Interactive Dashboard, Valuable Insight

Easily understand your pet’s DNA testing results from the Health Dashboard.


The Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive overview of pet health and visual tools to help you easily understand the meaning of each result. Our system will automatically assess pet body weight and health information to provide you with customized nutrition recommendations and much more. You also can access your pet’s Personalized LifePlan within the dashboard.


Finally, with the ability to access these results in a user friendly database, sharing any health information with your veterinarian is just a tap away!

Dashboard Features

Full Breed Profile

Health Risks


Personalized LifePlan™

Health Alerts

And More

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