Transforming pet healthcare with personalized recommendations. Because every pet is a truly unique individual

At Biopet, We believe that every pet is a truly unique individual

The BioPet LifePlan allows pet owners to be proactive about their dog’s health.

Through a simple and interactive questionnaire, our database identifies specific health conditions thus leading to early diagnosis, more effective treatment, and healthcare cost savings.

Each pet/owner receives access to a dashboard that is specific to them. This can be accessed from any digital device. DNA is procured through a simple, noninvasive cheek swab and from there can provide information to owners and veterinarians.

Biopet has partnered with Orivet Genetic Pet Care, a personalized medicine and genetic testing organization, to introduce the BioPet Life Plan, a DNA and computer-based health and wellness management program for pets.  BioPet’s Life Plan program helps dog owners facilitate preventive and protective healthcare and identifies specific health conditions that can lead to early diagnosis, more effective treatment and healthcare cost savings all through a simple, interactive questionnaire.
 “Along with BioPet’s PooPrints DNA Dog Waste Management program, BioPet’s Life Plan is a response to the rapid increase in U.S. dog ownership,” said J. Retinger, president and CEO of BioPet Laboratories.
“We believe this partnership has created an outstanding resource that will not only identify potential health risks but will also improve communications with veterinarians and other providers of dog services.”  Read More
Orivet is trusted by pet owners, breeders and veterinary professionals in more than 40 countries worldwide. Orivet is an institutional member of the International Small Animal Genetics Society (ISAG) and contributed to the development of standards of genetic testing in animals in various committees in this organization. Orivet was the 2017 Duty Laboratory for the first Canine and Feline SNP identification panels. Orivet is also a member and sponsor of the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) which is a non-profit organization with a mission to facilitate collaboration and sharing of resources to enhance the health, well-being and welfare of all dogs worldwide.

Orivet’s tests are being run at a USDA accredited laboratory which is also accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 The laboratory also meets the requirements of A2LA R216 – Specific Requirements: Veterinary Laboratory Accreditation Program.
The world’s most advanced, comprehensive, complete Pet DNA Tests
Discover hundreds of genetic traits, breed makeup, parentage and much, much more. Orivet offers a wide range of DNA kits so that you can get access to all of the information you need and save by skipping on extra features.
Risk Analysis
Orivet utilizes DNA insights and advanced proprietary algorithms to identify threats to your pet's health based on factors like breed, age, weight, gender, location and lifestyle.
Health Screens
Health screens provide potentially life-saving insight by determining which genetic diseases your pet has a heightened risk of developing. This allows you to take precautions or even to identify a health concern more quickly when it appears.
Weight Prediction
Find out how big your puppy will grow (for pets under 12 months of age). Receive a customized daily energy needs analysis that is based on breed, age and activity level. This includes dietary recommendations specifically designed for your pet's unique needs.
How is Orivet different from all other dog DNA tests?
Orivet's proprietary algorithm is the only product on the market that provides a true and complete clinical risk analysis for your pet based not only their DNA test results but also on many other factors including: breed, lifestyle, age, gender, weight and geographic location.


Assessing True Risk
The health consideration of a Chihuahua are considerably different to those of a Great Dane and a Maine Coon cat’s needs are different to those of a Siamese. Breed and DNA test results are only one half of the equation that will affect your pet’s health needs and risks. See below the other factors Orivet’s analytical engines consider when creating a LifePlan™ for your pet.
Clinically Relevant
Our platform ranks risks based on prevalence and impact. Our reports ONLY focuses on the most COMMON and CLINICALLY RELEVANT conditions that your pet may be at HIGH risk for. Most other reports only disclose DNA test results for what are often rare genetic diseases that are very unlikely to ever affect your pet.
DNA is not everything
For many of the common high-risk diseases such as diabetes, hip dysplasia and cancer there are actually no DNA tests currently available that can be used for reliable screening. The Orivet report includes recommendations for age appropriate screening such as routine blood tests or radiographs. This maximizes the chance of early detection.