Assessing True Risk

As you might imagine, the health consideration of a Chihuahua are considerably different to those of a Great Dane. A Maine Coon cat’s needs are different to those of a Siamese. But breed and DNA test results are only one side of the equation that will affect your pet’s health needs and risks – see below other factors Orivet’s analytical engines consider when creating a LifePlan™ for your pet.

Clinically Relevant

Our platform ranks risks based on prevalence (how common they are) and impact (how to they affect your pet's quality of life and your wallet). Our reports ONLY focuses on the most COMMON and CLINICALLY RELEVANT conditions that your pet may be at HIGH risk for. Most other reports only reports DNA test results for often rare genetic diseases that are very unlikely to ever happen in your pet.

DNA is not everything

For a lot of these high-risk common diseases such as diabetes, hip dysplasia and cancer there are actually no DNA tests yet that can be used for reliable screening. The Orivet reports includes recommendations for appropriate screening suggestions that may include routine blood tests or radiographs AND at the best age to have these done to maximize the chance of early detection.

The world’s most comprehensive consumer Pet DNA Tests

Discover hundreds of genetic traits, breed makeup, parentage and much more. Because Orivet offer’s a wide range of DNA kits, you can get access to the information you need, and save by skipping on extra features. 

Getting Started is

Easy, Simple and Safe

Getting started is easy. Simply, order your kit. When your kit arrives, activate it by following the directions provided with the swabs. Collect your pet’s DNA with a simple cheek swab and mail it back. Most importantly, properly using the provided cheek swabs during DNA collection is fast and poses no danger to your pet.

How is Orivet different from all other dog DNA tests?

Orivet proprietary (patent pending) algorithm is the only product in the market that provides a true and complete clinical risk analysis for your pet based not only on their DNA test results, but many other factors such as lifestyle, age, gender, weigh and geographic location.

Risk Analysis

Orivet's interactive health dashboard utilizes DNA insights and advanced proprietary algorithms to identify threats to your pet's health, like lifestyle factors, breed, age and inherited disease.

Health Screens

Health screens provide potentially live saving insight, by determining, which genetic diseases a pet has a heightened risk of developing. This allows pet owners to take precautions, or even identify a health concern more quickly when it appears.

Weight Prediction

Customized weight management analysis, based on breed, age, activity level, daily energy requirements and diet. Receive intuitive diet recommendations, specifically designed for your pet's unique needs.