Dog Breed Identification Test

$ 79.99

Reveals the breed/s that make up your dog. This comprehensive test reports the percentage of the breeds that determines your pet’s ancestry. – INCLUDES A FREE BASIC LIFE PLAN™

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Collect your own Dog’s DNA with a simple cheek swab. Orivet will compare your dog’s DNA to thousands of genetic markers of over 250 most common breeds to uncover:


  • Percentage Levels of Each Breed
  • Adult Weight Prediction
  • Insights into Your Dog’s Personality and Behavior
  • Routine care health advise
  • Nutritional Suggestions for your Dog
  • Basic Health Schedule and LifePlan™

What’s in the Kit?

  • Sterile DNA Collection Swabs
  • Information Brochure with DNA Collection Instructions
  • Self Addressed Pre-Paid Envelope


How Do I Get My Results?

Results are presented in an interactive online account where you can constantly update your pet’s records such as weight, body condition nutrition, health records and medication. Your account will also give you access to special promotions and attractive offers via your very own personalized shop. You can easily share your pet’s profile with your veterinarian, health care providers, family and friends.

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