Compared to other genetic services, we’re ahead of the pack

Most Extensive Experience

Superior experience - the Orivet breed identification have tested more pets than any other organisation. This track record means the largest and most robust database in the industry. It is the only breed ID test that was published in the scientific literature, peer reviewed and patented.

Most with a lot less experience

Less experience and definitely less track record and number of pets tested. Most competitor tests have not published or peer reviewed, often not patented

Cost Effective, Superior Value

Starting at only $49.95 and expertly bundled to help pet owners select the test and price that's right for them. There are no hidden fees, or costs to access your pet's information. But value also means being RELEVANT to your own pet. Orivet is not a one test fits all, our olgorith takes in to account your pets unique circumstances to tailor a report like no other.

Usually more expensive & less value

All other labs run one panel that delivers similar results for all. No consideration is given to the pet's unique circumstances and lifestyle. Results often include screening for extremely rare diseases that one is very unlikely to ever encounter, making reports a lot less relevant, delivering inferior value.

Accredited and certified laboratories

Our industry leading DNA testing processes in state of the art commercial lab offers the most comprehensive overview of your pet's genetic profile. Each DNA sample is screened for thousands of proven, scientifically-published genetic markers and millions of computations.

Check accreditation & commercial process

We encourage you to our competitors about clinical relevance of tests, laboratory certification and scale of their commercial operations.

Breed count matters

With the most comprehensive database and index of 225+ unique canine breeds, we've got your pup covered. Get to truly know your dog by discovering their complete breed profile and more - Certificate included

Less breeds detected

Breed numbers is an indication of test accuracy, the larger the database the more options and better chance we have to detect your pets breeds accurately. If you interested in breed detection, we encourage you look at the breed count - it does matter

More Genetic Disease Tests & Counting

With Orivet, screening for genetic disease is easier and offers more complete results than the nearest competitor. All disease screens are available in one simple kit for both dogs and cats. Our count is now over 180 disease and even better, we add new tests regularly. In 3-6 months we will be well over 200 diseases, but the count is not all, Orivet endeavours to include the most clinically-relevant disease. Rare diseases are of little value and those not seen in your breeds are questionable.

Disease Screening less comprehensive and less relevant

lower counts of more rare diseases make a difference in value. Screening for diseases never seen in your breed provide less value.

Personalized LifePlan™

A comprehensive road map to better health for your pet. LifePlan™ is built right into your pet's online health dashboard and offers alerts and care suggestions for each stage of your pet's life. Each dashboard is personalized for your specific pet and their lifestyle.

No Personalized LifePlan™

Orivet is the only company in the world to offer a complete life Plan for you pet. Our proprietary algorithm ranks and present only the most relevant information specific for your pet.

Fast Testing

With testing facilities conveniently located around the world, we deliver accurate results in as little as 10-14 business days from the time the sample arrives at our laboratory.

8+ Week Wait Times

lower volumes usually means longer waiting times and the lab needs to wait for samples to arrive. waiting period of up to 3 months have been reported by some competitors

True Risk Analysis + Screening Suggestions

DNA analysis is only half the equation when it comes to your pet's health. With Orivet's LifePlan™, factors like breed, lifestyle, diet and more are analyzed to provide personalized insight on your pet.

Limited Risk Analysis (If Any)

Diet Suggestions, Weight Prediction & Daily Energy Calculations

View recommended diet suggestions tailored to your pet and learn about their unique caloric needs, right from your pet's health dashboard. Orivet even supports adult weight prediction for puppies less than one year old. You can also monitor and graph your pets weight from your platform throughout their life.

Less or no information about diet and weight

Most test do not provide such information and tools to manage your pet's nutrition and weight.