We believe that every pet is a truly unique individual

The BioPet LifePlan allows pet owners to be proactive about their dog’s health.


Through a simple and interactive questionnaire, our database identifies specific health conditions thus leading to early diagnosis, more effective treatment, and healthcare cost savings.


Each pet/owner receives access to a dashboard that is specific to them. This can be accessed from any digital device.

DNA is procured through a simple, noninvasive cheek swab and from there can provide information to owners and veterinarians.

Biopet has partnered with Orivet Genetic Pet Care, a personalized medicine and genetic testing organization, to introduce the BioPet Life Plan, a DNA and computer-based health and wellness management program for pets.  BioPet’s Life Plan program helps dog owners facilitate preventive and protective healthcare and identifies specific health conditions that can lead to early diagnosis, more effective treatment and healthcare cost savings all through a simple, interactive questionnaire.


 “Along with BioPet’s PooPrints DNA Dog Waste Management program, BioPet’s Life Plan is a response to the rapid increase in U.S. dog ownership,” said J. Retinger, president and CEO of BioPet Laboratories.


“We believe this partnership has created an outstanding resource that will not only identify potential health risks but will also improve communications with veterinarians and other providers of dog services.”  Read More